Vue.js is an open source progressive JavaScript framework used to develop interactive web interfaces. It is one of the famous frameworks used to simplify web development. Vue.js focusses on the view layer and can be easily integrated into big projects for front-end development without any issues.

Vue.js allows us to easily render dynamic data to the DOM, bind data to DOM elements, and manage/maintain your app's state (local storage) without a user having to reload the browser. The framework is lightweight, modular, and requires minimal configuration. It's also extremely fast and has a low file size. Developers can easily drop it into any project or existing framework.

Following are the features available with Vue.js:

  • Virtual DOM
  • Data Binding
  • Components
  • Event Handling
  • Animation/Transition
  • Computed Properties
  • Templates
  • Directives
  • Watchers
  • Routing
  • Lightweight
  • Vue-CLI


Vue.js is designed to be a very flexible library that offers a set of tools for building interactive web interfaces around concepts such as modularity, components and reactive data flow. It has a low learning curve, which makes it interesting for less experienced developers and beginners. Note, though, that Vue.js is not a full-blown framework; it is focused on the view layer only and therefore is easy to integrate with other libraries or existing projects.

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