TypeScript Web Development

Being a relatively new language, TypeScript is widely used due to its impressive scalability. It is an open source superset of JavaScript that is compatible with any browser, host, or OS you use.

Key Features of Typescript

In short, TypeScript enhances JavaScript with static typing and OOP features that improve code quality and add more possibilities for complex app development. Because any TypeScript can use any existing JavaScript code, it supports most existing JavaScript frameworks and libraries (Angular, Vue, React).

Typescript became popular due to several reasons:

  • Improved JavaScript – it simplifies the code, making it easier to read, understand and debug;
  • Great scalability – TypeScript can be compiled for both ES5 and ES6 standards so even the latest browser will support it;
  • Powerful development tool – it enables the creation of large apps using the latest JavaScript features such as async functions as well as OOP functionality: interfaces, inheritance, etc.;
  • Wide support – many development environments provide plug-ins for this language, for example, Typescript has been fully integrated with Visual Studio since 2013.

Our TypeScript Projects

TypeScript is widely used to create both server-side and client-side applications. Below you will find the TypeScript solutions developed by our team.

Data Management App

To provide our client with a possibility to safely handle user data, we have created a hybrid mobile application based on TypeScript as well as other JavaScript technologies. Protected by the latest security standards, it allows users to store and exchange their valuable information within the network, has automatic synchronization and many other management possibilities.

House Remodeling Portal

This application developed by our Frontend team helps to create house design models and find professionals for remodeling. We implemented a modern scalable solution using Angular and Zurb Foundation frameworks, as well as TypeScript language.

Jewelry E-Commerce Platform

Our TypeScript web development team transformed the existing e-commerce website, aiming to improve its functionality as well as to create an outstanding design. We redesigned the frontend part, implementing the best JavaScript technologies based on the initial business logic of this platform. We have also introduced several features such as SendGrid that dramatically improve user experience.

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