IONIC Framework Development

A relatively new framework, IONIC provides frontend engineers with an extended toolkit for building UI components. Built on Angular, it extends the functionality of this framework and can complement it or any other JavaScript-based technology you choose. IONIC helps to recreate the native look on different operating systems; this is the reason why IONIC app framework development focuses on hybrid solutions.

Key Features of IONIC

A widely popular framework, IONIC provides developers with advanced CSS and HTML templates for mobile-friendly components.

IONIC framework development has the following benefits:

  • Default user interface – there are various templates that cover most basic elements necessary for a mobile app;
  • Cross-platform compatibility – due to one code base IONIC will run on any mobile device;
  • IONIC Studio – an app builder with drag-&-drop tools for quick mobile app creation;
  • Ionic Native - a library of Cordova plugins that facilitates adding native functionality to a hybrid app project;
  • Ionic Appflow - a mobile DevOps tool for automation the app delivery process and deployment;
  • Rapid development – using the command line, you can generate template code and modify it according to your needs.

Our IONIC solutions

This technology enables building multifunctional hybrid apps with great performance and load speed. Our team has mastered Ionic application development to create fantastic hybrid solutions.

Inventory Management App

To help owners of an online store, we have developed a mobile app that supports inventory management, quickly updates stock info, and inform managers via push notifications. For this project, we have chosen the hybrid model as it allowed us to create a fully functional application within a tight time frame.

TeamIntegrator Mobile App

Our team developed a hybrid mobile application using Angular and Ionic framework. It helps IT companies with project management allowing to prepare reports and track working hours on projects, vacations, and sick leaves.

Beauty App

SSA Frontend developed a solution to help women find the best beauticians in their area. IONIC framework helped to get this app running smoothly on different devices.

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