HTML5 Web Development

Behind any webpage there are three types of code: HTML structures its content, CSS defines how it will look, and JavaScript supports interactions. HTML5 is the latest version that makes it easier to deliver almost any multimedia via a webpage. HTML5 allows creating complex web apps that won’t require any additional browser plugins.

Benefits of HTML5 web development

Compared to the previous version, HTML5 creates a clearer layout using new tags such as <header>, <footer>, and <section>. This technology extends the functionality of HTML4 standard, while the availability of various HTML5 features makes it possible to create stunning user interfaces.

HTML5 has such benefits:

  • Multimedia support – due to the <audio> and <video> tags, the website will run multimedia content without using any third-party plugins;
  • Cross-platform – as most browsers support HTML5, you can be sure that your content will be displayed correctly;
  • Adaptive design – it will work on any device if it has a browser with HTML5 support.

HTML5 Development Services

Using HTML5 SSA Frontend team can create webpages and structured websites with built-in animations, applications, videos, etc.

This technology allows:

  • develop web applications that will keep working offline;
  • add high-definition videos to webpages;
  • create stunning graphics;
  • use all benefits of user’s geolocation;
  • and much more.

SSA Frontend has delivered HTML5 development services in numerous websites and applications. All our projects were created with the help of this powerful markup technology.

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