ZURB Foundation Web Development

Most frontend developers widely use different frameworks and libraries, as they provide standardized sets of code that can become a great basis for creating a website. One of such frameworks is Foundation, which has a full stack of UI components and templates that enable rapid development of responsive web pages. Thanks to ZURB Foundation framework, developers can create custom websites, apps, and emails that will look stunning on any device.

What You Need to Know about Foundation

Maintained by ZURB, this framework provides functionality for creating both content-focused websites and responsive HTML emails.

The key features of the Foundation framework:

  • Customizable – regardless of whether you build the whole web app with Foundation or use it to improve just a few components, the result will look out of the box;
  • Mobile first – develop for small screens, and the responsive grid will resize content as devices get larger;
  • Professional – this framework has a large community that provides support to developers and even creates custom components;
  • Semantic – this framework provides you with a clean markup for improving the utility and speed of webpages.

Our Projects based on Foundation Framework

Our SSA Frontend team have been honing their skills of creating responsive web designs using all the functionality of this framework. Some examples of our projects are listed below.

Jewelry E-Commerce Platform

We received a task to transform the client's existing e-commerce platform focused on jewelry. Without changing the initial business logic, our team redesigned the frontend part developed using several frameworks, including Foundation. The final solution was supported by convenient management tools as well as various marketing-focused features that helped to raise the conversion rate.

House Remodeling Portal

Our team developed an application that helped people to create house design models, find professionals that could make such remodeling, and share their experience with other users. We provided this platform with modern scalable architecture using various tools, including the Zurb Foundation framework.

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