CSS3 web development

A web development project could not be possible without Cascading Style Sheets, the language that determines the webpage’s final look. Its latest version, CSS3, can substitute some HTML and JavaScript features and grants more possibilities to create an appealing design and flexible layouts. That’s why our frontend developers use the CSS3 animation effects, building not only functional but attractive user-friendly websites.

Functionality of CSS3

Because of its new features, CSS3 makes it easier to bring any web styling idea to life. It reduces the number of images and clears the bulky code, making web pages more flexible and quicker to load.

Compared to the previous version, CSS3 has the following features:

  • Selectors and Webfonts – these make it easier to apply styles to the text paragraphs and use beautiful fonts on the webpage;
  • CSS Columns - it was very difficult to implement the column-based layouts in CSS without using JavaScript;
  • Colors – CSS3 support new methods of describing colors, including transparency and opacity features;
  • Shadows – they can be applied to both boxes and text to add more volume to these elements;
  • Border Images - you can create custom borders around any element;
  • Gradients – smooth transitions between colors generated on a fly, so they will look great on any display;
  • Media Queries - allows developing responsive websites which adapt to the device, screen resolution, and orientation.

These new features help to keep webpage design up-to-date and create more customized and unique solutions. What is more, CSS3 enables animating almost every element on a webpage so we can enhance apps with impressive visual effects.

The CSS3 animation effects include:

  • preloaders – the animation that starts before the entire page is loaded;
  • hover effects – appear when the mouse is over an object;
  • animated icons – customize buttons such as social media icons;
  • sliders – help to present your gallery without complex JavaScript;
  • multiple backgrounds - allows to stack different layers as backgrounds and move them or animate independently;
  • 3D CSS helps to make impressive 3D demos on the site.

Thanks to the variety of CSS3 web development tools, we were able to create a stunning design for different web pages.

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