An essential tool for web development, Bootstrap aims at the creation of responsive, mobile-first solutions. This free framework contains numerous CSS and JavaScript templates for interface components such as forms, navigation, buttons, etc. A wide community and a variety of external templates make it possible to develop fully responsive complex web design projects.

Key Features of Bootstrap

The great functionality focused on responsive design makes Bootstrap framework a necessary step for almost any front-end project.

Bootstrap has the following advantages:

  • Responsive grid – it has a predefined grid system you can fill with content;
  • Responsive images – automatically resize images according to the user's screen;
  • Components – Bootstrap provides you with a set of fully functional elements such as dropdowns and navigation bars
  • JavaScript – it comes with several custom JQuery plugins to make the website more interactive;
  • Documentation – every piece of code is explained on their website in detail;
  • Сustomization – there is no need to include the whole framework into your app, you can specify which features to include in your project to reduce your file's weight and speed up the first load.

Our projects using Bootstrap Framework

This powerful tool can be used to make the webpage look great on any screen you use. Here are some examples of Bootstrap-based projects we are proud of.
Shop Owners Back-Office
Our task was to create a custom back-office application that would make the administration of an online store more efficient. The solution has not only a wide management functionality but a fantastic user-friendly interface.
Online Chat
To redesign the online chat for a dating website, SSA Frontend team extended the functionality of the existing solution and added new graphic design, creating a new modern messenger for our client.
Online Quiz
We have developed a web app that automates the interviewing process. Our team equipped this solution with interview management functionality, enabled both manual and automatic quiz assessment, and made the application fully responsive using the Bootstrap framework.

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