Technical Support & Maintenance

Every software needs to be maintained, as after development process there are many changes, improvements and updates could be done, based on ever changing requirements and company’s needs.

To set up this process it is not obligatory to create an on-site IT department in a company. This type of service could be easily outsourced, as the technical support and maintenance of applications could be done remotely.

Such solution will lead to cost’s reducing on a software enhancements and allows company to focus on a core business tasks, as all technical-related work would be done by our outsourcing specialists.

Software technical support and maintenance could be provided in various ways, it  depends on a client’s needs.

We offer technical support in next areas:

  • IT Consulting
  • Minor development
  • Quality assurance
  • Server Administration
  • Monitoring
  • Data extraction and data analysis, reports generation
  • Web/graphic design

To get more information about support&maintenance we could provide, please visit SSA Group website

Technical Support & Maintenance

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