Quality Assurance

One of the most important stages in the development process is a testing application procedure. Quality assurance helps to avoid problems and obstacles while using the software. This service is provided to make sure that the application work corresponds to the specification.

Software quality assurance consists of methods that confirm the quality of a product and monitor the development process.

We use the following types of software testing:

  • Stress testing –  checking the program stability in  stressful situations
  • Manual testing – engineer perform the functions of end-user and try application in different ways to identify defects and bugs
  • Compatibility testing – reveal the comparability of the software with the computing environment
  • Functional testing – aimed to verify whether the application works correctly, perform all necessary functions and has features that mentioned in the specification
  • Usability testing – refers to evaluate whether the solution is easy to use from the point of view of the end-user
  • Automated testing – development of special scripts that aimed to test the software for a given scenario  and replace manual work
  • API testing – perform testing of the application programming interface to understand if it provide proper performance, reliability, security and functionality
  • GUI testing – procedure for ensuring that the graphical user interface meets requirements
  • Load testing – aimed to understand the behavior in normal and anticipated peak conditions
  • Performance testing – revealing of the effectiveness or speed of a software, web application

Methods, that engineers use in every case could be different and they use more than one type of testing to ensure that the application has no defects and the work corresponds to given requirements.

Quality Assurance

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