JavaScript Development Services

In ProfJS, we offer custom software development services for the web and mobile applications based on JavaScript technology.

Customers of our JavaScript development company can enjoy scalable and cost-effective web application development and cross-platform mobile development services, including but not limited to the creation of intuitive user interfaces, advanced dashboards with charts and graphs, online communication capabilities, visual effects, and extended web page functionalities without compromising speed and security of the project.

ProfJS’s JavaScript experts rely on the innovative Node.JS JavaScript environment based on V8 for a backend development and leveraging Angular.js, HTML5, CSS3 for a front-end development to create complex, highly dynamic, responsive web and mobile apps accessible to all modern browsers and devices.

Our company uses Scrum and Kanban frameworks of Agile methodology to get your MVP up and running as soon as possible.

Advantages of JavaScript for complex web development projects

JavaScript is probably the most versatile language used to extend the functionality of web pages. Here are just a few benefits of JavaScript:

1. Speed and Server Load: JavaScript is executed on the client side. It means, functions run immediately utilizing user’s processing power instead of having to contact the server; thus, increasing page loading speed and saving server’s bandwidth.

2. Versatility: JavaScript is a platform-independent language. It can be used with other languages, in any application or web page regardless of the file extension.

3. User interface interactivity: with JavaScript, you can create interactive interfaces that will respond to the user’s actions without the need of reloading pages and waiting for the server response.

4. Richer interfaces: one of the key advantages of JavaScript is the ability to offer drag-and-drop components and sliders to your site visitors, making interfaces more originative and exciting to the users.

5. Browser Compatibility: JavaScript technology facilitates steady functionality across all modern browsers.

JavaScript Examples in A Real-life Scenario:

Complex Development based on MEAN stack. Using JS, our experts can design a modern and scalable architecture for high load web applications. The best demonstration of our skillset is the food delivery SaaS project, where we used MEAN stack for the development with the JavaScript on both frontend and server-side. As a result, we created a faster web application with the top-notch UI/UX design and advanced functionality.

Backend and API development. You can get a scalable backend powered by Node.js technology, which will be fast, secure, and functional. In a charity portal project, we used Node.js and MongoDB to create a robust backend that included a multi-user system generating statistics and reports for every charity organizations, API for communication with external systems, an automatic bank payment system functionality, and a cashback portal with the donation to organizations.

Visualization effects and Rich interfaces. A JavaScript programmer can create an out-of-the-box visualization functionality and rich interfaces using JavaScript in combination with other modern technologies. For example, we created a house remodeling portal featuring revolutionary 3D modeling functionality, where users can select parameters of the room to repair and start filling in space with desirable furniture items. The user can select colors and materials; and get a 3d visualization of how it will look like in real life.

Increased Interactivity. JavaScript offers incredible dynamic content capabilities and groundbreaking user interactivity features. That is why we applied JavaScript technology to create a quiz platform, where JS generates output messages based on user’s answers.

Input Validation. JavaScript can be used to validate the input before processing it. For example, in our Custom rings e-commerce project, we used JavaScript to develop a validation system for configuration options for all ring types.

What are the limitations of JavaScript?

If you wonder whether JS has any limitations, I must upset you – it does. The good news is that the only limitation is your imagination! And if you run out of creative ideas for your project, our JavaScript development team will come up with a world-class solution to make you and your users happy.

What’s next?

Contact us now to get estimated costs and time frame for your web development project. Once you are ready to kickstart, we will set up a dedicated team of JavaScript experts, who will carry on your project on a full-time basis. By using Agile methodology, we guarantee on-time project delivery and cutting-edge features to our clients. ProfJS’s JavaScript development services are a perfect fit for you if you are looking for a state-of-the-art JS web or mobile application that is fast, innovative and cost-effective. Welcome on board!

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