Headless CMS Solutions

Headless CMS Solutions

Headless CMS architecture is a system to control the content that doesn’t have a defined frontend system or presentation environment. Having no functionality to present content to the end-users, headless CMS stores content in a pure format and makes it possible to display content on any device (Web, mobile, tablet, and any IoT device) via a REST API.  

Technically, a headless CMS consists of a database, content management backend, and API that can render content into a webpage for any smart device. This approach allows developers to provide content as a service (CaaS) when content and delivery are provided by separate software. Headless CMS solutions are created to meet business needs to target and engage customers with personalized content using multiple channels.  

Headless CMS has a number of advantages over traditional CMS or coupled CMS: 

  • Flexibility – it’s possible to combine the API with any frontend development technology, so developers can use their favourite tools and frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue.
  • Easy integrations - you can simply integrate headless CMS with any new technology, innovative devices or platforms using APIs.
  • Compatibility – you can control the content from one convenient backend and display it on any device.
  • Scalability – using traditional CMS platforms you can’t count on the assistance of high-traffic scenarios, but with headless CMS you can add more servers in order to split the load up between them.
  • Security – risks of malware attacks are lower because the database of the content publishing platform is not accessible from the frontend.

SSA Frontend has extensive experience in developing custom headless CMS solutions. If you are planning to choose headless CMS for your next project, contact us to learn how we can help you reach your customers on whatever device they are using and gain competitive advantage.

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