Embeddable Widgets

Embeddable Widgets

Embeddable website widgets are simple standalone applications that can be added to any website to provide an advanced level of functionality for users. They can be included on a site through an iframe or some JavaScript snippet.  

The functions of embeddable widgets may vary from displaying a static text to fetching data from an external source. Embeddable widgets come in many forms: search fields, slide shows, contact forms, social media sharing and follow buttons, video players, currency converters, clocks, calendars, pop-up windows, mailing lists, dialog boxes, counters, and more. 

Embeddable widgets have many benefits for your website. You can use them to:

  • Implement forms for user data collection, registrations and booking services.
  • Display advertising and earn money.
  • Syndicate your RSS feed.
  • Convey useful information to your visitors (currency rate, weather, etc.).
  • Track your visitors’ activity.
  • Link your social media networks.
  • Provide an interactive experience for your website visitors and keep them coming back.

Embeddable widgets can be customized in their features to achieve specific functionality and suit the niche demands of any business. The customization options usually include theme, layout, language, size. 

Want to take advantage of embeddable widgets to engage your visitors, get valuable insights, and keep your website up-to-date? It’s a smart decision because new embeddable widgets can make even a simple site much more functional and add to its appeal among users.

SSA Frontend can customize any widgets, edit their look and feel, configure special behaviors, and embed them to your business website, blog or e-commerce website to add value, improve its functionality, and ensure great user experience.  

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