Dedicated Development Teams

Formation of a dedicated development team is necessary for long-term projects, when the scope of the work is unclear and it is difficult to set up definite time frames.

This is a business approach that allows client to take part in each stage of the team combination and work on the project. Moreover, the client has a managerial control over the team and the project. The service provider is responsible for handling of the administration part and the recruiting.

The primary target of the team is to be in a close connection with the client and provide the scope-oriented product.

Benefits of the Dedicated Development Team service

  • Total control and  participation in the hiring process
  • Involvement in the management and team motivation procedures
  • Stability and unity of a team, high knowledge retention
  • Every member of a team understands the client’s expectations and aims of the project
  • Daily communications and updates
  • Ability to insert correction of every development stage
  • Stable cost and predictable budget

Choosing the Dedicated Development Team service, the client gets a reliable and knowledgeable team that is going to work full-time only on client’s projects. Every member of the team performs only those tasks that are agreed with the client and corresponding to the project scope.

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