TI mobile app

Category: Platforms
CLIENT: Ukraine
DURATION: 3 months
OUR ROLE: API development, mobile app design and development
TECHNOLOGIES: Angular.js, HTML5, CSS3, Ionic framework and Apache Cordova, PHP5
TI mobile app

Project idea

TeamIntegrator is a complex web application with lots of useful functions for project management in IT companies. This web based tool allows the companies to track working hours on projects, vacation periods, sick leaves and prepare the statistics reports.

The main reason to create a mobile application is to give an opportunity to submit a report everywhere using the mobile device, get notifications constantly and receive updates. It was decided to realize this application using cross-platform technological stack and create a hybrid mobile app. This decision was made to save the development time compared to the development of native apps.


Features of a mobile app

The following features are currently supported:

  • Inbox with unread messages
  • Overview of assigned projects and tasks
  • Reports overview with calendar view
  • Time reporting
  • Notification settings with local push notifications



With the help of Angular.js and Ionic framework as well as Apache Cordova we have created an easy to use mobile application that works on iOS and Android platforms.

The main benefit of the application is that every user of it would be up to date with all necessary information and would always be in touch with the company.

Links to download the apps


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