Shop owners back-office

Category: Web Portals
CLIENT: Germany
DURATION: 6 months
OUR ROLE: Front-end development
TECHNOLOGIES: Angular.js, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Gulp, Magento API
Shop owners back-office

Project Idea

To establish a high-quality and efficient work of an online store, the seller needs to have a back-office or administration panel helping to monitor the sales process, track statistics, replenish the product range and maintain the pricing policy, manage orders, work with payments and shipments and many more components to attract and retain customers. Our task was to create a friendly looking custom back-office software for up and running online store that offers flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetable plants worldwide.



Existing shop was implemented using Magento e-commerce solution. So, we took some functions from the existing admin panel of Magento and created additional functionality necessary for the seller to set up a well-organized work with the store. To create a modern and nice looking front-end solution we have chosen Angular.js with Bootstrap framework that have been working with the back-end though Magento API.


Features of the mobile app

The administrative panel has the following features:

  • Management of users (employees)
  • Processing of orders: invoicing, shipping, cancellation, and refund
  • Display of sales statistics, views, searches
  • Management of dealers


The result

In case if the standard admin panel does not correspond to seller needs and business processes, does not look user-friendly and does not allow to perform all required operations easily it is necessary to create a custom administration panel that will cover all aspects of the business. As a result, the back-office software, which we have created, perfectly matches the business processes of shop owners and considerably reduces the time of product management and order processing.

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