Jewelry E-Commerce Platform

Category: e-Commerce
DURATION: 750 man-hours
TECHNOLOGIES: Angular 4, JavaScript, TypeScript, ASP.NET WEB API, PayPal, HTML5, CSS3, Foundation, GitHub
Jewelry E-Commerce Platform

Project idea

For many modern customers, the company website is the first point of contact with the business. Therefore, to catch customers’ attention and make them stay on the page, the website needs to represent a unique combination of advanced functionality, modern design, and outstanding user experience. Our client is a large Jewelry e-Commerce platform where customers can find high-quality wedding rings of any design for outlet prices. Having 15+ years of e-Commerce experience, our client was looking for the reliable partner who would help them transform their legacy e-Commerce platform for raising conversion rate from mobile devices, improving search engines visibility, and increasing load capacity.



Keeping the initial business logic of our client’s e-Commerce platform, our engineers completely redesigned the frontend part which was developed using Angular 4 and Foundation frameworks. The interaction between client and server sides was realized through API. SSA Frontend engineers implemented a unique administration feature to the e-Commerce platform that represented an integrated HTML-editor which became an excellent tool for getting a maximum control over landing pages. This solution enabled convenient and flexible content management to our client, which allowed to work with the audience more efficiently. Frontend team has also implemented various marketing features designed to support marketing strategy. Developers implemented SendGrid, a notification service designed to inform users about a successfully completed order or a technical team of a possible malfunction. This service could also be utilized as a powerful mailout and analytics tool.


Features of the Jewelry e-Commerce Platform

The following features were successfully introduced in jewelry e-Commerce platform:

  • High load web app with dynamic scalability
  • Application Insights
  • Content Delivery Network
  • WebJobs
  • WebApps
  • SendGrid



SSA Frontend redesigned the frontend part of a jewelry platform that helped to raise the conversion rate of mobile users, improved search engines visibility, and increased load capacity. 


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