House remodeling portal

Category: Social Media
DURATION: 1 year
OUR ROLE: UI/UX design, Front-end and Back-end development, QA
TECHNOLOGIES: MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js), HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Jade, Foundation, TypeScript, jQuery, Gulp, Bower, Mocha + Chai, Protractor, Redis, Ansible, AWS S3, DigitalOcean
House remodeling portal

Project Idea

SSA Data team was approached by a US-based company specializing in manufacturing of construction materials. They had an idea to create an application, from where people can draw inspiration for remodeling works, find designers, ask for a piece of advice, have a conversation with those people, who already finished repairs work and could share their experience. The idea looked promising and we were very excited to work under this project.



The project was started from the establishment of a dedicated development team, where all professionals were fully dedicated to the project tasks. We have started with 2 developers and were able to complete the team formation within two months. The 1st public release was made after the 9 month of hard work.

The main requirements were to use the MEAN stack for the development with the JavaScript on both front-end and server side, to have a modern and scalable architecture designed for a high load web application.


Main functions

The main functions of the web application:

  • Home Visualizing in 2D and 3D models
  • Section with projects and photos
  • Ability to find home improvement professionals
  • A set of helpful articles about home design
  • Webshop with products for design and home remodeling
  • Social network for home design discussions
  • Elaborate administration interface to manage users, photos, articles and other types of a content

3D modeling is one of the most interesting functions. A user can select room he is going to repair, put necessary parameters of the room and start to fulfill this space with various pieces of furniture he would like to have in this room. This service allows to select colors and materials and with the help of all these things, a user can create the best solution for the remodeling works.

It is very easy to plan a remodeling work of every room, as every user could read useful articles, select the design from the list of available designs, create an ideal room with 3D visualization, hire skilled professionals and finally, order construction materials. With this full-service portal a remodeling process could be a real pleasure.

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