Food Delivery Platform

Category: Web Portals
CLIENT: Israel
DURATION: 6 months
OUR ROLE: Back-end development
TECHNOLOGIES: Node.js, MongoDB, Angular 4, AWS, AWS Lambda, Twilio, HTML5, CSS3
Food Delivery Platform

Project idea

We received a request from the Israeli client to add new features to the existing API and to make load testing of the food delivery app. The food delivery platform encapsulated many features which were uniquely tailored for the food market. The service was focused on enabling the customers to order necessary products quickly and easily by having a great customer experience.



Firstly, we performed load testing of the existing API and found certain bottlenecks with the data structure in the database as well as blocking operations in the API. After that, we performed refactoring of the existing code base to avoid blocking operations inside Node.js and to increase its stability. Then, we started extending the API with new functionality. Next step was the usage of AWS Lambda in a background process. Finally, we connected Twilio service to the client’s platform.



Food delivery platform includes the following features:

  • Real-time modifications
  • Connectivity to POS
  • Personal design



As a result, the client received the food delivery platform with built-in function of menu modifications in real time. Thereby, the app enabled our client to modify their offerings in real time according to their offering capacity at any given moment of the day. Users could capture the incoming orders right into their point of sales allowing the platform to connect to their POS. In addition, it substantially simplified the menu uploads and could generate statistics on the inbound and outbound orders 24/7. Although EasyMenu offered various templates users to create their personal look & feel to all food and beverages offering as well as their visuals, colors and logo.

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