Donation portal

Category: Web Portals
CLIENT: Germany
DURATION: 3 years
OUR ROLE: Front-end and Back-end development
TECHNOLOGIES: Node.js, Express.js, LESS, Jade, MongoDB, Redis, HTML3, CSS3, PHP5, MySQL, Magento
Donation portal

Project idea

It is not necessary to make lots of efforts in order to do something good, helping people is much easier that we could think. Our client decided to prove this statement and came up with the idea of creating a donation portal that allows to help people in a simple and easy way. For this purpose, we have built a portal that allows to connect charity organizations and philanthropists. Charity organizations may share information about their activities and projects and philanthropists may choose target charity organization for their donations.


Main functions are:

  • multi-user system that generates statistics and different kinds of reports for each user (charity organizations)
  • API for communication with external systems, particularly with Magento store instances
  • interaction with an automatic bank payment system
  • cashback portal with donation to organizations


Migration from PHP to Node.js

We have made the first version of the project using PHP technology on the back-end. After several years of a portal usage, our client decided to upgrade a back-end to a more modern language. It was suggested to update the architecture of the portal and use Node.JS for this purpose, as this is one of the most popular technologies for programming of scalable back-ends and also one of the best options for migration from PHP. At the moment the application is based on Node.JS and it becomes one of the biggest donation portals in Europe.


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