Data Management App

Category: Platforms
DURATION: 4 months
TECHNOLOGIES: Angular 4, NativeScript, Typescript, Jasmine, Webpack
Data Management App

Project idea

Our client is a data management company based in London, England that had an idea of creating a mobile app where users could seamlessly connect and share personal information with other people and businesses using one single profile. This interaction was described as a “digital handshake” and was expected to provide the users with the highest security level possible. The primary goal of the project was to enable app users to track any changes in contact details of other people from their contact lists to always stay updated and not to lose valuable personal and business connections. Furthermore, the app was supposed to help users exchange any relevant contact details in a fast and convenient way.



SSA Frontend engineers developed the hybrid mobile application using JavaScript technologies such as NativeScript and Angular. This decision allowed engineers to place the application on Google Play Market and App Store. Backend part of the app was created using Java. Furthermore, the frontend team applied CouchBase instead of local storage what allowed mobile devices to work with the specific data storage and helped significantly increased the speed of app performance. In order to have a deep understanding of every user's journey, our team integrated an analytics system Mixpanel. Mixpanel helped engineers get valuable insights into user interactions with web and mobile applications and enabled targeted communication with them.


Data Management App features:

The following features were successfully introduced in the delivered application:

  • Import of contacts from users’ phone-based contact lists
  • Automatic synchronization of the new app user profile with the contacts list of the existing app user
  • Creation of multiple profile cards to share personal or work contact information using a single user account
  • Links to user's social media profiles
  • Safe sharing of bank details with contacts using a simple on/off switch
  • Data encryption and protection by the latest security technologies



The application developed by SSA Frontend team became a cutting-edge hybrid solution, that enabled users to stay in touch with friends, colleagues, and businesses quickly and absolutely securely without the fear of having personal information lost or leaked. When people use the app, they provide permission to businesses to send them the most relevant offers and promotions.


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