Cashback portal

Category: e-Commerce
CLIENT: Germany
DURATION: 2 years
OUR ROLE: Front-end and Back-end development
TECHNOLOGIES: Node.js, Express.js, LESS, Jade, MongoDB, Redis, PHP5, Zend Framework
Cashback portal

Project idea

Cashback portal that provides hundreds of affiliated partner shops where users can earn money by purchasing goods and services on external shops (like ebay,, amazon, etc).

Users can create own communities, invite friends and earn some money (percentage) from friends purchases.



  • Select specific partner shops for cashback
  • Create own community of users to get more cashback
  • Profile settings and preferences, history of transactions
  • Back end portal with management of all entities (users, partners, transactions, competitors, CMS, etc.) with system statistics
  • Service-Oriented Architecture


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