About us

SSA Frontend is focused on frontend development using Angular, React, and Vue frameworks, as well as HTML5/CSS3 markups and data visualization tools. SSA Frontend is a part of SSA Group, an outsourcing software development company from Ukraine that was established in 2007. Since that time, we have been providing a wide range of programming services for companies worldwide.  

Our Team

We have extensive experience in working with all the popular frameworks and modern frontend web development technologies. Besides, we are always open to adopting new trends and innovations. Each member of our team has a high level of expertise in working with various technology stacks, so we can implement every idea into life. 


Our developers have strong skills in converting the design to HTML/CSS and are experts in building responsive websites, single page applications, headless CMS solutions, progressive web applications, and accelerated mobile pages. Whether you need a social network, large e-commerce solution or enterprise application, we’ve got you covered and will provide custom frontend development in the best possible way.

Our Clients

Every client is special to us and gets 100% of our attention, starting from the idea discussion until the project release. Our clients include IT consultancies, enterprise companies, and startups, as well as digital agencies who are looking for a high quality, smooth communication, and full transparency. We can satisfy all the demands, taking into account user needs, business goals and budget, and provide you with effective solutions that will give your business a competitive edge. Our developers have a vast experience in building a variety of top-quality solutions: enterprise applications, business automation solutions, e-commerce websites and apps as well as different platforms, portals, and social networks. 

Why choose us? 

  • We have a great team of skilled and experienced professionals who are focused on delivering value to our customers. 
  • Our web development process is fully transparent at every stage and we are easy to communicate with. 
  • Client-oriented and healthy work culture, pro-activity, regular communication, understanding of requirements and wide technical skills allow us to deliver high-quality cost-effective solutions.
12 Years of experience
150000 Hours of Development
93 Client retention rate
14 Employees

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